Geanne van Arkel
Geanne van Arkel

Having worked for 17 years at Interface Inc, in Europe, she has been focussing on inclusive circular business models while creating restorative and regenerative partnerships as Head of Sustainable Development. She has been responsible for developing a culture where people feel empowered to contribute to the missions of the company; Mission Zero and Climate Take Back.

Geanne is sharing her knowledge in the field of regenerative intrapreneurship based on holistic system thinking and biomimicry design thinking. Also here she is partnering with organizations to accelerate the transition to a regenerative society and a climate-positive circular economy, while creating a future-resilient organization. She is chair of the supervisory board of Thematic Technology Transfer on circular technology, a consortium of Dutch universities and TNO.

Geanne has a bachelor in textile engineering and holds a Mcs. in Biomimicry from the Arizona State University and is chair of the board at BiomimicryNL. Within Project Positive NL she is participating in bringing the concept of cities as a forest to the built environment. She is a proud ambassador of Climate Clean Up supporting the realization of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through Project Drawdown’s nature-based solutions

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