Elma Durmisevic
Elma Durmisevic
Founding Director and Creator
4D architects BV & Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings (GTB Lab)
Dr. Elma Durmišević, holds a PhD at Delft University of Technology on Transformable Building Structures, and Design for Disassembly in Architecture. As Associate Professor at the University of Twente, Durmisevic developed a master program for dynamic and sustainable buildings that introduced green engineering in industrial design of architecture. Durmisevic is a leading architecture authority on Reversible Building Design and Transformable Buildings. Currently founding director of EU Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings in the Netherlands, and International Green Design Foundation, head of 4D Architects office in Amsterdam, EU UIA Expert for Super Circulair Estate in the Netherlands, leads development of Digital Deconstruction Platform for circular economy in construction (EU Interreg project). During 20 years of research Durmisevic developed tools for measuring circularity and reversibility such as: Reversible BIM module, Reuse Potential tool, Transformation Capacity Tool. Furthermore Durmisevic developed design guidelines and protocol for reversible building design, of which many are integrated into EU guideline for design of circular buildings, EU H2020 BAMB project as well as in har circular building case projects.
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