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As a distributor in the Benelux of the steel doors, windows and facade systems of Jansen AG we see the reuse potential of steel and innovate towards detachable circular building methods.

The steel lightweight and most sustainable façade system in the world (Jansen Viss) offers a huge reduction in CO2 and a good ROI. We are developing it into a light steel modular building system to make temporary circular constructions. Either we use as much reused material in them as we can, or we build them with new profiles that can be easily dismantled and used again and again in other configurations and constructions. It's versatile and triggers architects to play with the system according to their taste.

Jansen by ODS is developing a digital platform called Harvest Bay, which not only offers potential material for reuse on the harvest map, but it will show examples of how the material can be used in different types of constructions. Our partner architects offer their interpretation of the material on offer, while finished projects are also displayed demonstrating how the value remains in the system.

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Harvest Bay

Jansen by ODS not only have a passion for and knowledge of steel construction systems, but also believe that a circular future revolves around collaboration. Together with chain partners from all facets of construction, we have developed a network via which we offer designers, developers, facility managers and users of buildings an integral service.

Our steel reversible profile functions as the core (as a platform sharing facility) on which other building systems can attach to. Partners in the design, build, use and harvest phase are collaborating within Harvest Bay to provide an integral building solution.

We invite new partners with circular of biobased solutions that want to collaborate with our detachable steel building concept or project developers that want to apply circular building concepts to reach out to us via Harvest Bay.


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