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Short description

C-Creators is a foundation based in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam, that aims at transitioning the building industry from a linear to a circular one. Together with Cirkelstad, EiB and TNO, the Building Program was developed.

The foundation of the Building Program consists of area development, newly built and renovation projects. The ecosystem of partners (local authorities, private parties, large and smaller construction companies as well as knowledge institutions) is actively involved in this. Knowledge gained is shared during knowledge sessions, masterclasses, Cirkelstad community-of-practice meetings, lectures and special events. Existing knowledge and tools developed in the academy are also made accessible. All activities focus on upscaling to a circular construction industry.

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Detailed information

With 6 circular themes; water, mobility, biodiversity, socio-economic impact, energy and materials, we work on real-life, actual projects. These projects showcase that a circular approach is feasible and happening.

We work by four ground rules:
- every project is either iconic or scalable;
- we set the bar higher each time we work on a new project;
- we share the gathered knowledge and insights as an open-source;
- & we work with and for our community.

Contact Email: info@c-creators.org
Contact:   Mrs Mariska Joustra
Country: Netherlands