The construction sector consumes

of all raw materials

At WasteBuild you will learn how to win work by going circular

Buildings produce

of all carbon emissions

Meet clients and developers at WasteBuild working to reduce carbon
form their next projects

Construction creates

of all waste

Be inspired by those thinking and designing differently at WasteBuild

Building materials account for

of total carbon emissions over the life of a building

At WasteBuild exhibitors will help you to reduce the embodied carbon in your next projects

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It’s time for action!

Following an incredible launch in 2019, WasteBuild is returning to Amsterdam in 2021, this time in the amazing NDSM. Join 2,000 international built environment professionals who are all looking for circular and regenerative solutions for their next project in the home of the circular economy.

Enquire about exhibiting or register your interest in attending now and take a look at the highlights from last year here.

Amsterdam adopts doughnut economy model - mobile

Amsterdam adopts doughnut economy model

Construction industry to halve consumption of raw materials - mobile

Construction industry to halve consumption of raw materials

Completely circular built environment - mobile

Completely circular built environment

Take-Make-Waste is dead

The outdated linear model of TAKE-MAKE-WASTE is dead. Public and private organisations across the world are investing in and adopting robust circular economy road maps, not only because we have to, but because the circular economy makes business and financial sense.

Register your interest today and be the first to find out how to win more work and to make your next project more circular than your last. Join us at WasteBuild in Amsterdam and meet the world’s leading architects, engineers, designers and technologists along with the most active clients already delivering circular schemes.

Tons of resources extracted from Earth Globally this year
Tons of waste dumped Globally this year
Tons of plastic waste dumped in oceans In the world
Tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere This year