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Stand:  A25
building materials made from waste brick wall system building solutions
ByFusion is an innovative manufacturing company committed to modernizing the recycling industry by reshaping the future of plastic waste.
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Stand:  A45
asset owner membership body
C-Bèta is an event-, exposition and (co)working space which goal is to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy, and focusses specifically on the built environment. It’s an exhibition and fieldlab for the circular economy, a place for companies to show their circular products and services and a community of circular enthusiasts to strengthen each other. It is home to creative entrepreneurs with smart solutions and new business models and located in Schiphol Trade Park, one of the developments of SADC.
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Stand:  C95
advisory industry body
C-Creators is a foundation based in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam, that aims at transitioning the building industry from a linear to a circular one. Together with Cirkelstad, EiB and TNO, the Building Program was developed. The foundation of the Building Program consists of area development, newly built and renovation projects. The ecosystem of partners (local authorities, private parties, large and smaller construction companies as well as knowledge institutions) is actively involved in this. Knowledge gained is shared during knowledge sessions, masterclasses, Cirkelstad community-of-practice meetings, lectures and special events. Existing knowledge and tools developed in the academy are also made accessible. All activities focus on upscaling to a circular construction industry.
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Stand:  B85
industry body advisory
A social enterprise, organised as a cooperative, we accelerate the transition to circularity through on the ground, action focused, development of practical and scalable solutions and international campaigns, communications, and engagement, focused on spreading the circular message.
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Stand:  A40
membership body industry body advisory
The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the international network of over 4,500 circular economy professionals and organizations from over 140 countries.
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Stand:  B47
made from waste solid surfaces
Durat is one of the oldest manufacturers of solid surface materials in Europe. Durat has experience of over 17 years in manufacturing and fabricating solid surface material.
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Stand:  B30 b
material exchange
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Stand:  B65
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Stand:  B10
building materials design for deconstruction facade digital material exchange building solutions
Sustainability by Architecture - The steel lightweight and most sustainable façade system in the world (Jansen Viss) offers a huge reduction in CO2 and a good ROI. We are developing it into a light steel modular building system to make temporary constructions. Either we use as much reused material in them as we can, or we build them with new profiles that can be easily dismantled and used again and again in other configurations and constructions. It's versatile and triggers architects to play with the system according to their taste. Jansenbyods is developing a digital platform called Harvest Bay, which not only offers potential material for reuse, but it will show examples of how the material can be used in different types of constructions. Our partner architects offer their interpretation of the material on offer, while finished projects are also displayed demonstrating how much CO2 is saved and how the value remains in the system.
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Stand:  A20
design for deconstruction building materials wall system
JuuNoo is a system for non-load-bearing interior walls which, at the end of its 'life' is not demolished, but demounted and reinstalled as a new wall.
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Stand:  A80
advisory industry body
Metabolic advises governments, businesses, and NGOs on how to adapt to a fast-changing global context, while creating disruptive solutions that can dramatically shift how the economy functions.
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Stand:  B45
building materials precast building solutions construction
Peikko is a leading global supplier of slim floor structures, wind energy applications and connection technology for precast and cast-in-situ construction.
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Stand:  B30
design for deconstruction asset owner infrastructure
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Stand:  C70
building materials made from waste brick building solutions
StoneCycle sustainable building materials from waste are used by innovative architects, construction companies and real estate developers around the world.
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Stand:  C15
made from waste street furniture
The Streetlife Collection consists of high-quality street furniture, tree products and bridges.
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Stand:  B30 a
made from waste building materials carpet construction flooring concrete
We make circular paving that is made from 76% recycled debris and 100% circular rugs, made from production waste from large carpet tile producers.
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