WasteBuild Circular Solutions Directory

WasteBuild is in the process of creating a comprehensive list of circular construction material suppliers, which will be curated by the WasteBuild team and constantly updated with new materials.  

This is a beta version which we will be adding to and improving throughout the coming months.  If you have any feedback please contact the team on hello@wastebuild.com.

Free for everyone, if you have a product you would like to be listed, apply now by filling in this quick google form.

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advisory aggregates asset owner brick building solutions carpet ceilings concrete construction construction panels deconstruction digital facade flooring furniture glass green wall industry body infrastructure insulation LCA lifts lighting material exchange membership body other precast solid surfaces street furniture wall system waste/recycling wood
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building solutions construction construction panels deconstruction flooring furniture insulation wall system
building materials made from waste brick wall system building solutions A25
asset owner membership body A45
advisory industry body C95
building solutions aggregates insulation precast waste/recycling wood
industry body advisory B85
membership body industry body advisory A40
building solutions LCA green wall other
made from waste solid surfaces B47
ceilings construction panels building solutions flooring furniture wood waste/recycling wall system
material exchange B30 b
other B65
construction panels ceilings waste/recycling
building materials design for deconstruction facade digital material exchange building solutions B10
design for deconstruction building materials wall system A20
advisory industry body A80
building solutions facade green wall wall system other
building materials precast building solutions construction B45
design for deconstruction asset owner infrastructure B30
building materials made from waste brick building solutions C70
building solutions construction construction panels flooring wood
made from waste street furniture C15
made from waste building materials carpet construction flooring concrete B30 a
construction panels flooring furniture
ceilings construction furniture wall system