Marthijn Pool
Marthijn Pool
Architect, Owner

Marthijn Pool (1980) studied at the Technical University in Delft and at Politecnico di Milano. After graduating in 2005 he worked at ONL (Oosterhuis Lenard) and taught at the TU Delft in the Hyperbody research group. Marthijn leads workshops and lectures internationally on adaptable design processes and parametric design. In 2009 he founds the space&matter office together with Tjeerd Haccou and Sascha Glasl.

The work of space&matter has been awarded numerous prizes: The `Ceuvel Volharding’ with the Dutch Design Award 2014 (, WeBuildHomes as the winning entry for innovative affordable housing competition and Sweets Hotel; a hotel concept consisting of multiple hotel rooms as a reuse strategy for obsolete small architectural bridge control buildings in Amsterdam (

Our work is published internationaly and displayed at several architecture manifestations e.g.’WestArch-New Generation in Architecture’, the ‘Eme3’ architecture festival in Barcelona, the Glimpses Amsterdam-NewYork exposition and space&matter has been invited to join the Beijing Design Week in 2016 and 2018 in the latter has been awarded the Food Design Innovation Award.

As architecture and planning touch on all social and cultural levels of society, we realize our influence and responsibility reach far beyond the spatial realm. It is here where our ambition lies and we see opportunities to develop spatial solutions for sociocultural issues and to create relevant designs that connect people. Accordingly, the designs and strategies that space&matter produces are mainly focused on performing in their social context. They are strong architectural frameworks that trigger interaction and offer space for personal taste and freedom.

Rather than just being reactive, we initiate projects and proactively involve ourselves in matters that we consider relevant. This level of independence enables us to develop innovative processes and methodologies. Setting up expert networks around our own interests and fascinations has proven to be an effective way to realize our ambitions.

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