Hans Hammink
Hans Hammink

Hans Hammink has been working at the Cie. Since 2004. He studied at the Technical University in Delft. During his studies, he won a competition and built his own wooden house in Almere. After graduating, he worked in London for a few years and was one of the founders of the Amsterdam architectural firm M3H. Hans Hammink generally works on large, complex projects at home and abroad. He is a passionate and enthusiastic architect, and he is particularly interested in the combination of technology and architecture. His specialty is the integration of architecture with sustainable and circular principles. A recent example of this is the Circl project in Amsterdam: a state of the art circular building. He is also one of the creators of the Building Passport: a digital twin of a building, a 3D model linked to circular data. He is a teacher at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and regularly gives lectures, with the aim of sharing knowledge and experience with students and colleagues.

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