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At Carbon8 Systems, we produce low carbon and carbon negative aggregates from industrial residues for use in the building industry.

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The aggregates, with various applications in construction, are high performing and reduce the carbon footprint of any construction project.

Through our pioneering Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), we capture CO2 at an industrial plant and combine it with waste streams and residues (for example, cement by-pass dust) from the same plant, to manufacture high value products for use within the construction sector. By using ACT-produced aggregate, the carbon footprint of a construction project is reduced, the need to use natural alternatives avoided and diverts waste from landfill.  Our technology is helping heavy industry and the construction industry on their journeys to Net Zero.

Our innovative carbon capture and utilisation solution stands on the foundations of over 20 years of R&D to provide the construction industry a practical means of carbon reduction and so help the industry realise the benefits of the circular economy.

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Contact:   Ms Selina Good

Chatham Maritime

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