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WasteBuild 365 is a monthly online event series that complements WasteBuild EVERYWHERE in July, and is exclusively focussed on showcasing circular and regenerative solutions for the construction industry.

Designed to help kick-start construction’s circular recovery out of lockdown by sharing inspirational content and creating a forum where the industry can share, talk, listen and most importantly meet new contacts, WasteBuild 365 provides a unique opportunity NOW to re-start those new business conversations that have all-but dried up during lock-down.

To hit our 2030 climate commitments, on the way to our 2050 Net Zero Carbon and Circular Economy targets, construction need to be making embodied carbon changes NOW.

With WasteBuild EVERYWHERE just a few months away we are pausing the WasteBuild 365 programme until after the main event.  You can still access all of the archive content from previous WasteBuild 365 events here.

Want to go further and take part in WasteBuild everywhere as well?  Register for the exhibition for free or buy a conference pass now.


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