TWIN-Concept, circular street furniture

Through TWIN, we aim to provide a sustainable alternative for all FSC® hardwood options in the Streetlife Collection. The various sections and the articles by external sustainability specialists in the heart of the brochure provide insight into sustainability in the design of public spaces and explain what this involves. A large part of our Collection consists of products with FSC hardwood seats or beams. We have added four alternative materials to our range, so it is now possible to choose between FSC hardwood or a biobased or recycled ‘twin material’ for each beam size in the collection. Although the technical properties of these materials are equivalent to those of FSC hardwood, their colours, textures and histories are completely different. While TWIN offers landscape architects more freedom of choice, choosing a TWIN material also contributes to the reduction of waste flows. It also means that our products can have a longer lifespan.