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The Streetlife Collection consists of high-quality street furniture, tree products and bridges.

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Streetlife is a design driven company with a passion for creating innovative design elements for the public space. We create products that have a natural style using the landscape as a starting point for our design. Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of our progress. Our Collection consists of a wide range of Street Furniture, Tree Products & Green Solutions, Shades & Shelters and Pedestrian Bridges.

The overall Collection has a timeless, natural quality and is of a high standard, both aesthetically and technically. We not only strive to reduce the amount of maintenance required by selecting the right design and materials but also aim to extend the lifespan of our products. We use simple but elegant modular building blocks with long lifespans and choose materials sourced fairly and responsibly to minimise the impact on the environment. Moreover, our design team develops ingenious solutions to improve the longevity of Streetlife products. At the same time, we are also increasingly focusing on recyclates and the preservation of components and raw materials in the chain. All these conscious design decisions make a significant contribution to product sustainability and quality.

Innovations in the field of sustainable materials, including biobased substances and composites made from residual waste, provide a wealth of opportunities to make the Streetlife Collection more sustainable. After many years of research and development, we have introduced our TWIN Concept in 2020, a series of materials that form a fully-fledged alternative to FSC hardwood.

As designers, we are in a position to create solutions that contribute to healthier and more sustainable green public spaces. Our approach, which includes the TWIN Concept, is aimed at combining aesthetics and sustainability in fair and future-proof products. At Streetlife, we take on the challenge of sustainability and circularity with gusto. We aim to be an inspiration for circular products in public spaces while preserving the distinctive design and functionality of our products.

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Contact:   Mr Wouter Krouwel

Herengracht 36, 2312LD Leiden, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31713333340
Postcode/ZIP: 2312 LD
Country: Netherlands

Streetlife BV Catalogue

Rough&Ready Range

The Rough&Ready (R&R) Range has a unique place within the Streetlife Collection and incorporates the three themes of Street Furniture, Tree Products and Bridges & Decking. What makes the R&R product line unique? • The coherence of the various R&R products is unprecedented, in part due to the use of one substantial modular timber size. • Rough&Ready gives the urban planner/architect a great deal of freedom in shape and design. • The appearance is entirely contemporary – Rough&Ready is sturdy and robust. The R&R product range uses sustainable materials.

Solid Series

The products in the Solid Series have a solid character. The product family includes benches, picnic tables, bicycle racks, podiums, tree planters, fencing and pedestrian and cycle bridges. • The Solid identity is modest and minimal in terms of design. • The steel support and structure are closed and therefore solid in their form. • As a result of consistent detailing based upon the 7x7cm/2.8"x2.8" hardwood beams and their spacing, there is a strong interdependence between all the Solid products.


There is a positive trend and increasing demand for greenifying urban spaces. The Streetlife Collection includes forward-thinking solutions for urban trees and mobile green. Streetlife has gained extensive experience in professional tree planters and Treetec® care systems over many years of close partnership with leading tree specialists. Besides the Basic version, we offer the Bottom Up version. The optimum care and nurture of the trees are the central elements of this development. Combining greenery with recreational areas provides public spaces with an inviting allure. Not only is relaxing under a tree or flowering plant a very pleasant experience, the integration of street furniture also creates a diverse and multifunctional streetscape. In addition, it is much easier to keep the ground surface clean.

TWIN-Concept, circular street furniture

Through TWIN, we aim to provide a sustainable alternative for all FSC® hardwood options in the Streetlife Collection. The various sections and the articles by external sustainability specialists in the heart of the brochure provide insight into sustainability in the design of public spaces and explain what this involves. A large part of our Collection consists of products with FSC hardwood seats or beams. We have added four alternative materials to our range, so it is now possible to choose between FSC hardwood or a biobased or recycled ‘twin material’ for each beam size in the collection. Although the technical properties of these materials are equivalent to those of FSC hardwood, their colours, textures and histories are completely different. While TWIN offers landscape architects more freedom of choice, choosing a TWIN material also contributes to the reduction of waste flows. It also means that our products can have a longer lifespan.